Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing Solutions and Contract Recruitment Services

Our network encompasses over 25,000 contractors worldwide, and we provide unparalleled assignment support services to assist both contractors and hiring managers.

Triaksha Tech’s contract recruitment service is crafted to empower a flexible workforce while aligning with your project objectives. In today’s highly competitive landscape for engineering and technical talent, organizations seeking temporary workforce solutions shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for expedience.

With our solution, there's no need to make concessions.

We recognize that when hiring contractors, companies require precise skills at the appropriate cost, sometimes with very little notice. Additionally, contractors must arrive at the site fully compliant and prepared to begin work. We also acknowledge that your project site may be in a remote location without nearby office facilities to manage the hiring process. Our aim is to assist you in addressing these obstacles.

Contract staffing services from Triaksha Tech will provide you with unparalleled access to global talent, ensuring that you have access to the best candidates worldwide.

We are dedicated to working with top engineers globally, leveraging our expansive talent pool to find the precise skillsets and expertise required to drive your business or project forward, regardless of the candidates’ geographical location.

Our rigorous candidate assessment and screening process ensures optimal efficiency throughout the recruitment process, saving you valuable time and resources. We handle all aspects of research, interviews, and background checks, submitting only the most qualified candidates for your consideration and reducing your time to hire significantly.

Triaksha Tech’s discipline-specific recruiters possess in-depth market knowledge, staying abreast of industry trends, talent networks, and candidate skillsets within their respective fields. This expertise, coupled with our commitment to understanding your business requirements and values, fosters sustainable contractor-company relationships and improves workforce retention.

Compliance is paramount in our contract workforce management approach, and our processes prioritize adherence to all regulations, from global mobility and onboarding to training and payroll. Our dedicated assignment support, travel, finance, and commercial teams collaborate seamlessly to manage the mobility logistics of the contract workforce, ensuring compliance across all areas.


We tailor our contract staffing solutions to align with your business needs, offering onsite account managers and strategic hiring plans to optimize your staffing progression. At Triaksha Tech, we are more than just a staffing partner – we are committed to your long-term success and strive to see your business thrive.