Permanent Staffing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) -

Triaksha Tech. Solutions provides tailored support for your permanent workforce recruitment needs, offering flexible solutions for either complete or partial assistance in the hiring process.

Enhanced Hiring Efficiency and Quality

  • Our RPO solutions frequently involve integrating applicant tracking systems or improving existing ones. By closely collaborating with clients, we bolster their employer brand and candidate pool, ultimately reducing the time needed from line management.
  • We offer tailored and flexible recruitment teams capable of adapting to fluctuations in volume and geographical needs. Leveraging our global infrastructure and robust talent networks, we effectively pinpoint talent across established and emerging markets.
  • We maintain strict SLAs to measure our performance, while our pricing structures highlight our commitment to providing top-notch solutions.

When you choose Triaksha tech. Advantage Solutions for your RPO needs, you can expect the following guarantees:

Streamlined Recruitment:

We enhance recruitment efficiency by analyzing workflows, identifying redundancies, and optimizing practices to create a customized model that fits your requirements.

Increased Productivity:

We expedite the hiring process, freeing you from administrative burdens. Triaksha tech. manages resume sourcing, candidate screening, interviews, and negotiations, allowing you to concentrate on core business activities.

Global Talent Access: 
With over 10 years of experience, our extensive candidate networks provide access to top-tier global talent. Our rigorous screening processes ensure ideal matches between roles, individuals, and organizational cultures.

Scalability and Flexibility:
In the current unpredictable economic environment, workforce adaptability is essential. Our dynamic local teams can quickly modify resource levels to accommodate your changing requirements, reducing excessive staffing expenses during periods of growth or decline.

Enhanced Reporting Features:
Our clear-cut processes are backed by technology that provides thorough and categorized reports on recruitment efforts.

We specialize in offering permanent (direct hire) recruitment services across various engineering and technical sectors, encompassing industries such as Oil and Gas, Power, Renewables, and Life Sciences.

Our globally recognized team, awarded for excellence, boasts over five plus years of experience in headhunting, conducting retained search operations, and devising confidential executive search strategies. Comprising discipline-specific consultants deeply familiar with their respective markets, our team is renowned for its expertise.

Renowned in the global market, our established reputation is evidenced by significant candidate engagement across both online and offline platforms. With a network spanning over 80 offices worldwide, our global infrastructure guarantees that we will identify the talent necessary to propel your business forward.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) -

Triaksha Tech. Solutions provides tailored support for your permanent workforce recruitment needs, offering flexible solutions for either complete or partial assistance in the hiring process.

Our retained search offering empowers businesses to make strategic and efficient hires.

We foster enduring partnerships by aligning candidates with clients through comprehensive research and a deep understanding of your organization. This ensures that placements are mutually advantageous and contribute to positive business outcomes.

We design a collaborative hiring strategy that aligns with the needs of both clients and candidates.

We establish clear service level agreements with our clients, outlining set stages to streamline the timeline, govern the search process, and secure commitment from both parties.

We dedicate exclusive recruitment resources to your hiring initiative.

Our specialized consultants focus solely on your project until the guaranteed completion date, without any distractions.

Our search efforts are highly specialized within specific market segments.

We conduct thorough talent pool research and market intelligence, including salary benchmarking and detailed market mapping, to pinpoint talent hotspots and identify unique skillsets.

The candidates we evaluate undergo a stringent screening process.

Our candidate suitability matrix incorporates comprehensive skillset and competency matching, supplemented by psychometric assessments, ensuring a cultural and practical fit.

We prioritize continuous improvement.

We maintain regular communication with your hiring managers, providing real-time progress updates and soliciting feedback to tailor our approach accordingly.

Leadership Talent Acquisition

We specialize in acquiring top-tier talent for pivotal roles within your organization, including executive and board-level positions.

Our Executive Search services employ a focused strategy to secure the most skilled professionals essential to your business’s success.