Payroll Processing

Efficient Payroll Solutions by Triaksha Tech

Our top-notch payroll service ensures compliance and provides seamless engagement for businesses, especially in regions where they lack a physical presence.

Our payroll services align with local regulations
to assist contractors who are frequently relocating.

Triaksha Tech’s payroll department offers exceptional and compliant payroll solutions to a globally mobile contractor workforce, comprising over 10,000 individuals, operating in various countries. Our internal payroll team consists of more than 50 finance experts handling transactions in multiple currencies worldwide.

We streamline your payroll process to ensure accurate and timely payments for every contractor, every time, in the required currency.

Our comprehensive payroll service complements your contractor management strategy by providing tax calculations, visa applications, and travel arrangements. Our team plays a pivotal role in enhancing your company’s performance in a competitive market, offering ease of communication and comprehensive reporting.

We facilitate seamless transitions for contractors to our payroll, assisting businesses seeking to streamline their vendors or undergo workforce audits.

Our payroll team can handle payments for contractors in countries where you lack a physical office, saving you time and resources associated with setting up local operations.

We employ the best payroll technologies and invest in our financial systems to ensure robust, compliant processes and comprehensive reporting across the globe.

Benefit from our industry-accredited payroll service recognized for its excellence, including accreditations such as Payroll Quality Partnership and International Payroll Provider of the Year.

Our finance teams undergo rigorous induction and training to ensure consistent, compliant payroll services globally.


Our global finance team maintains close communication with all relevant parties, overcoming language barriers, tax complexities, and cultural differences to provide outstanding service to businesses worldwide.
These initiatives ensure transparency, efficiency, and satisfaction for all parties involved in the payroll process.

Responsibilities of our payroll function include:

  • Processing monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly payroll for more than 10,000 contract employees.
  • Managing online timesheets and expense reports.
  • Generating monthly management reports and providing information insights.