Manufacturing And Engineering

Manufacturing and advanced engineering solutions​

At Triaksha Tech, we specialize in complete solutions specially designed for the operational and industrial sector Our services include a wide range of industry-critical services, including stamping, tool room handling, welded assembly, agro-equipment manufacturing, surface coating applications, forging, machining processes and heavy fabrication work.

Proficiency in key roles

For manufacturers involved in the stamping industry, we offer a comprehensive selection of services for experienced professionals who specialize in precision printing and high-volume manufacturing. Our expertise extends to equipment room management, where we provide skilled personnel in equipment design, construction and maintenance to ensure overall efficiency.

A reliable source for specialty activities

Finding qualified welded assembly contractors can be difficult, especially in places like the Midwest. At Triaksha, we are thorough in recruiting and evaluating qualified welders and assemblers with expertise in a variety of welding processes and assembly techniques. Additionally, we have a proven track record in sourcing talent for manufacturers involved in the manufacture of agricultural equipment.

Reliable support for surface coating applications

In the wall coatings segment, Triaksha Tech provides reliable recruitment solutions for professionals skilled in painting, coatings and coatings, who skilled in the use of various techniques