The Healthcare business is experiencing fast changes as the intensity of digitization has extended in to the sections of medicinal services suppliers and payers. Therefore, human services associations are required to rethink their current frameworks and receive the important changes to redesign these frameworks for structure new business abilities. Triaksha Automation Technologies engages medicinal services associations to progress toward becoming customer driven and improve their administrations to accomplish a superior wellbeing result. With our adaptable, proficient and maintainable human services arrangements, you can streamline your activities and overall managerial structure.

We worked with product organizations collected in the legacy mode to make the bounce to advanced, making a head-begin with versatility empowered administrations. We put into R&D, planning equipment, programming and firmware to fabricate inventive programming solutions that improve patient experience, results and engagement. With the occurrence of advanced technologies, consumer health care products are flooding markets, and controllers pushing for better consistence and models, conduits of chances opened up for item organizations and new companies. Triaksha Automation Technologies keeps on collaborating with such organizations to hand hold them through their advancement timeframe.

1- Integrated Health Information Platform

An Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) is being arranged by the Ministry of Health and Family. The essential target of IHIP is to empower the making of measures consistent Electronic Health Records (EHRs) of the citizens on a pan-India basis along with the combination and interoperability of the EHRs through a far reaching Health Information Exchange (HIE) as a component of this unified available stage. IHIP is conceived to empower better progression of care, secure and classified wellbeing information/records the board, better finding of illnesses, decrease in patient revisits and even prevention of restorative mistakes, better reasonableness, ideal data trade to help better wellbeing result, better decision supportive network, and consequently, it is encouraging improvement in the changes of treatment and care of general wellbeing at National-Level.

The objective of this workshop was to conceptualize on the circumstances with respect to exchange of clinical/wellbeing data across the hospital/ emergency clinics/Health Information Systems (HIS), and to talk about contextual analyses of effective HIE among different healthcare facilities, utilizing the suggested guidelines for EHR told by MoHFW.

2- Cloud solutions

The triple aim of healthcare is to reduce cost, improve outcomes and deliver better patient experience. These goals are largely dependent on the availability of healthcare data and the ability to analyse it. According to analysts, the volume of healthcare data which was at 153 exabyte in 2013 is projected to swell to 2,314 exabyte by 2020. These technologies have the potential to accelerate initiatives such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), Patient Centric Medical Homes (PCMH), telemedicine and bundled payments. These, in turn, can bend down cost curves, improve outcomes and deliver exceptional patient experience.

Adopting a cloud-first approach has become a necessity for the journey towards differentiation and better business outcomes for payers and providers alike.

3- Event Reporting System

ERS is a tracking system which is designed for the keep maintain all records of the different categories stockholders like Patient, Security, Housing and Safety a of events and different event type under each category. The system has a generalized architecture and it is metadata driven to accommodate changes in the state of the data.