Energy and Utilities

Sustenance and development challenges constantly influence organizations across diverse industry sections, and the Energy and Utilities segment is no exemption. This area is liable to concerning complexities like fluctuating product markets, unpredictability in oil costs, supply imperatives, ecological mindfulness, and ceaseless realignment of authoritative structures, guidelines and procedures. While rise of new innovations is another challenge for this part, the expanding level of client desires demands the requirement for lining up with a globally able IT arrangements and innovation organization.

The experience technologists and programming arrangements specialists at Triaksha Automation Technologies comprehend this industry deeply and know about every one of the difficulties and troubles it faces. They are skilled at making path breaking IT solutions for assistance your business addressing these difficulties effectively and gaining a triumphant edge over challenge. We have extensive domain expertise, most recent innovative skill and capacity to convey these arrangements inside your due dates.

When you band together with Triaksha Automation Technologies, you access our profound industry learning and interesting domain expertise in the key zones of the Energy and Utility area, which incorporates field administrations, client data framework, work force management, outage management, charging and tariff management, information obtaining sources, usage management, account management and metering framework arrangements. We have practical experience in planning and creating top quality business basic arrangements at costs that are universally focused.  

1- Refining & Marketing

The Refining and Marketing value chain is complex and involves many points that are tightly integrated with market demand and governmental regulations. Volatility in crude and product prices, ability to process opportunity crudes, variable refining margins, efforts at brand marketing, supply chain complexity, customer relationship management and extensive and changing regulations are the key challenges to this industry.

Understanding and reacting to these challenges has led market participants to invest in various technological solutions. Information Technology (IT) has emerged as the key enabler for many of these solutions for value enhancement or risk mitigation. IT not only improves the return on investment (ROI) from capital allocations, but also improves operational efficiency of the units and provides better information visibility for effective decision making.

2- Enterprise Solutions

We have vast experience in design, implementation and deployment of solutions addressing enterprise-wide needs. Our well-versed horizontal platform and technology competency groups, global delivery model and Oil and Gas (O&G) domain expertise help us deliver innovative and best in class enterprise solutions.

We have proven track record of delivering projects for enterprise integration and business process transformation for leading O&G organizations. We have industry-specific alliances with leading technology products and solutions providers.

With our global delivery model, we provide our customers the optimal combination of our onsite, near-shore and offshore skill sets and delivery capabilities resulting in cost-effective and reliable enterprise solutions.

3- Application services

We understand these challenges and provide digital transformation services that include application development, maintenance, and support in the following areas:

• Energy sustainability management
• Power distribution management system