Compliance Management

At Triaksha Tech, we are dedicated to ensuring a compliant recruitment process.

Ensure Compliance in Your Hiring with Triaksha Tech

The culture of a company reflects the quality of its services, products, and overall success. At Triaksha Tech, we prioritize conducting our business and personal affairs with integrity, understanding, and a sense of responsibility.


Triaksha Tech holds certification to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standards. Our quality management system (QMS) communicates expectations, establishes controls, and nurtures a culture dedicated to excellence in all our endeavors.

At Triaksha Tech, our commitment to compliance encompasses:

  • Preventing unethical business behaviors, such as modern slavery, human rights violations, bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, extortion, and other improper transactions or gifts.
  • Abiding by all applicable laws and regulations in the regions where we operate, including obtaining necessary codes, licenses, and permits related to our industry.
  • Promoting corporate social and environmental responsibility across our organization and among our suppliers.
  • Adhering to relevant health, safety, and quality standards in line with industry best practices.
  • Safeguarding confidential information, personal data, and intellectual property.

We’ve assisted businesses in achieving compliance in their hiring processes.

From facilitating the transition of contractors from other workforce providers to our payroll, to conducting audits on work permits and visas, and ensuring comprehensive payroll documentation, we have extensive experience in providing assurance to our business partners. We prioritize compliance, ensuring that individuals are properly set up and prepared to meet tax obligations as mandated by local authorities before commencing work at your organization.

Our Legal Team is Proficient in Taxation & Fiscal Compliance
We possess expertise in the legislation required for contractors to work compliantly, eliminating the need for additional commercial and fiscal consultations. Whether it’s compliance with the FLSA in The United States or adherence to workers’ protection schemes in the Middle East, our global team is well-versed in relevant regulations.

We Partner with Leading Insurance Providers Worldwide
Through reputable third-party collaborators, we offer various insurance programs for contractors, covering employers’ liability, workers’ compensation, medical needs, general liability, and third-party liability. These programs provide coverage for injuries, fatalities, property damage, and harm to other individuals.

Our legal and financial teams are knowledgeable about cross-border tax obligations
In addition to our internal expertise, our partnership with global financial advisor Deloitte enables us to stay informed about current tax legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments. This ensures that we have access to professional financial insights to address cross-border tax requirements effectively.