About Triaksha

A little briefing

We specialize in providing the best business outsourcing as well as IT consultancy services for the overall digital development of your business. By availing a wide range of IT services including web development, app development, market branding and infrastructure services, we excel in providing your business a competitive edge in order to give it a global presence.


With the effective guidance of our professional expert team specializing in different tasks, we help our clients’ business enhance its operational efficiency with the employment of proper process outsourcing services and solutions such as ecommerce Catalog management, ePublishing, Data entry and management,  sales support services, eCommerce development, CMS, Mobile Apps development, Photo editing, Content writing, Internet Marketing and Dedicated Hiring Solutions.

We help your business gain recognition all over the world and deliver the best quality IT services effectively following our goal of client satisfaction by helping your business generate leads. Our team provides efficient assistance by specializing in different tasks required from accomplished management professionals, law graduates, sales and marketing specialists, programmers, coders, designers, writers and data processing specialists. 

Expertise of Triaksha Automation Technologies

Our company holds expertise in different complex tasks for the overall efficiency of your business in this digital age.

  • Enhanced customer support: Being online, we provide 24/7 customer support, facilitating our clients by helping their business achieves new heights enhancing its digital development and making it profitable. Availing services at cheap and affordable rates, we keep your business operations up to date and intact with the latest technologies, keeping in mind your needs and requirements.
  • High quality digital services: Providing your business with website, app and android development services, we aim at giving your business a digital platform. Helping you strategize and employ efficient business models, we give you proper technological assistance in different fields. 
  • Coordination: Integrating the efforts and different tasks for efficient business outsourcing, we help our clients through collaboration, keeping in mind the importance of team work. To avail services as complex as digital transformation, IT consultancy and business development, we need the assistance of different specialists, holding experience in different tasks.

Our aim and values

Our main aim is our clients’ satisfaction and to achieve this, we have employed the most experienced team performing and integrating different tasks, using the most developed technology ever. Shaping your business in an eye catching way, we employ innovative strategies such as the use of unique website designing and layouts for web development as well as aim at dominating digitally by taking use of different techniques for unique infrastructural strategy, business continuity planning through efficient management and operations of IT system.

Our key values

  • Honesty: We believe in complete honesty and thus make everything clear to the clients beforehand in order to deliver best quality services to them. Taking care of different aspects, we work for the overall development of our clients, keeping in mind their demands and working accordingly. 
  • Completely Customer oriented: Fulfilling clients’ business needs is our topmost priority and for this, we avail our digital services at cheap prices. Availing the consultancy services that are easy to access and avail, we help your business avoid common mistakes made in this field and grow using efficient guidance.
  • Confidential: Whatever services and assistance we provide to our clients, we keep it confidential in order to safeguard your business privacy, also helping our business stand out from its competitors. Not only do we offer unique business solutions but we also keep them personal and hidden.